At Munchkins Early Education Centre we believe that orientation is an important process where our educators are able to gain important information about your child’s needs and your family. It also gives you a designated time to find out more about our service, our dedicated teachers and our philosophies towards our teaching and curriculum.
This orientation process helps to make the transition from home to the centre as smooth as possible with the aim to maintain continuity and open communication between home and the centre. This is essential to helping your child and family adjust to the new setting.
After your child is enrolled at the service we encourage you to visit us as often as you need to ensure you are comfortable with the centre, teachers and the process. We encourage your visits to be at different times of the day so you get to experience all aspects of our program.

Your Child’s First Day

As your child’s first day at the centre arrives, we realise that you may be concerned about your child settling into the centre.
Most of our teachers are mother’s themselves and are familiar with the feelings that you may be experiencing. We are all here at the centre to support you, your family and most importantly your child and to assist you all with the settling in period. We encourage all families to contact us as often as possible throughout your first few days. All of our rooms have their own phones so you will speak directly with your child’s teacher.
Some children take to new environments extremely well while others may be a little bit apprehensive or unsure.

We have listed a number of things that you can do to ensure that your first few days as smooth as possible:

  • Preparing for the First Day
  • Come and visit us as often as you can and talk about the centre at home. Make all conversations positive ones, it is amazing how much our children can pick up on the tones of our conversations.
  • Make your visits short bursts of fun and positive experiences. Chat with us about the best times to visit so your child can experience group times, creative arts times, our physical education program and some free play time to explore the classroom and the outdoor environment.
  • Buy a bag, lunchbox and drink bottle for your child. Name everything clearly and let your child know that this will be for their new kindy. As the start day approaches, let your child help you pack their bag (if they are age able) and talk to them about what you will be packing in their lunchbox.
  • Label all your child’s clothing and shoes (this helps both us and your child). We are a Sunsmart centre and we will provide your child with a sunhat plus a Munchkins t-shirt.

On Your First Day

  • If possible, make your child’s first day at the Centre a little shorter than may be usual.
  • We know you are coming and make a special effort to meet you and your child. A member of our friendly team will take you through the classroom processes and introduce your child to other children in their class. We will allow your child to transition themselves into their classroom at their own pace.
  • If your child has a special comforter that will help make their first day more comfortable, please make sure you pack this and let us know that you have included this in your child’s bag.

We pride ourselves on the close relationships that we build with our families and take great care in making sure that both you and your children are comfortable with the settling in process.