Meet another member of our Early Excellence team – Miss Shadae

Posted on 02 Dec 2014.

We are spending a bit of time interviewing our team members to find our what motivates them and inspires them to work with children.. your children!

We would like you to meet – Miss Shadae




  • What is your educational background?

I started at Munchkins in January 2009. I have completed my Certificate 3 in Children’s Services and have gone on to complete my Diploma in Children’s Services in 2013.

  • Why have your chosen to work in the Early Childhood field?

I have always loved being around children, which has guided my decision to join the early education field directly from school. I enjoy sharing in the children’s milestones and watching them grow and develop.

  • Why are you such a valued member to our team and what do you bring to the team?

I bring many contributions to the team but I am most well known for my organizational skills and my ability to achieve outcomes with the children. I love creating displays with the children’s art work and watching them recognize their full potential.

  • What do you do each day that ensures we are providing an Early Learning Centre of Excellence?

I take time to build quality relationships with the children and this occurs with open and trusting communication. Having the solid foundations in place lets me further enhance their learning and gives the children the confidence to try new activities and extend on their skills base. I am also in the Tweenies room at the moment – this is our 2-3 year room, so a large focus of our day is spent on self help skills, toilet training and having FUN!

  • Why have you chosen to work at Munchkins Early Education Centre and what do you love most about your centre

I personally believe that we are the BEST centre in the world!!……. We are a great team and all work together to achieve the best outcomes for our children and their families.

  • Why is the Tweenies your chosen age group?

After working with the 3-5 year age group for many years, I wanted a challenge of a different age group. I do adore this age group and enjoy working with the younger children.

  • What do you want to let the parents know about your room and the curriculum?

We strongly rely on parental input in this age group and your contribution to the programming and interest areas in our room is so very important. Your input allows us to extend on your children’s interest areas, they are at an age where they may not be highly skilled with their language, so we rely on you to communicate with us; this also assists us in building strong relationships with you and your extended family – this is important to us.