Meet another member of our Early Excellence team – Miss Sandy

Posted on 02 Dec 2014.


We are spending a bit of time interviewing our team members to find our what motivates them and inspires them to work with children.. your children!


We would like you to meet – Miss Sandy


  • What is your educational background?

Having spent the past 25 years as a Registered Nurse (RN) and also being a Registered Midwife, I have worked at Prince of Wales hospital, Allamanda Private hospital and also at St Cross hospital in Rugby England.

I also have my Certificate 3 in Children’s Services and have been working in the Early Education field since 2010.

  • Why have your chosen to work in the Early Childhood field?

When I was nursing I did spend quite a bit of time in pediatric wards, enjoyed this immensley and developed a love of working with children.

  • Why are you such a valued member to our team and what do you bring to the team?

I bring experience, maturity and endless amounts of energy to the team. I am also a very creative person and spend quite a bit of time looking for interesting ideas and new ways to introduce concepts into the classroom and extend on the children’s interests. I think that I inspire others with my ideas and my creativity and of course the additional knowledge that I bring to the team with my decades of nursing experience.

  • What do you do each day that ensures we are providing an Early Learning Centre of Excellence?

The team here at Munchkins are wonderful and we are here to help one another throughout the day. We all take our roles seriously and adhere to current policies and procedures which makes our workplace a great place to be in. In the classroom we vary experiences and activities so they are of interest to the children and appropriate for the children. We use these areas of interest to expand on their learning and development. Alot of the experiences in the Toddler room are done by the children themselves, great time and care is taken to ensure all activities are appropriate to their age group as we love to let the talents and skills of the children shine through.

  • Why is the Toddlers your chosen age group?

The toddlers surprise us each day, they love to try new experiences and it is such an exciting age. They are eager to learn new things and are involved in every aspect of the room throughout the day. Yes, this age group is a hard and challenging group some days but their cuddles, expressions and enjoyment in their learning is so rewarding. Meeting the families is important to us in this room, we love to make the connections with the families and share in the learning journey with them. The innocence of the children is very special in this age group and something to be cherished.

  • What do you want to let the parents know about your room and the curriculum?

The work that you see the Toddlers create is exactly that – their work.  We encourage all children to participate in our planned and spontaneous activities but also respect those children who may need some quite time or some extra one on one time and provide this to them to meet their needs.  Our days are extremely busy in the Toddlers room, we often think we have the busiest room in the centre.  The Toddler’s energy and enthusiasm for life is infectious and it keeps us on our toes every minute of the day!